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Amazon UK

Posts: 121
on 09/22/2017

Yesterday I received word from Amazon that in addition to the American they were setting up affiliates. This is advantageous to us British writers, so is there any way in which Wizzley could be modifed to allow me to advertise as a UK affiliate. I would not want to abandon the American market, for I still have dollar earnings, but I would like to advertise on my UK site as well.

Posts: 979
on 09/25/2017

Very interesting

Katie McMurray
Posts: 626
on 10/18/2017

As I understand this, and I may be wrong as I do not utilize Amazon very much, is that all that needs to be done is for the website owner themselves to register as an affiliate as well as an affiliate and then Amazon will do the work such that a visitor from the UK to the site would be directed to, and one from the US would be redirected to the site.

As it stands, we enter the affiliation at the moment. If we were to be able to enter the affiliation in addition then this should suffice.

I too am from the UK and received this mailing.

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