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Author Score Going Down As I publish MORE?

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on 08/22/2012

I've been publishing a lot of articles lately, about 6 or so in the past few days alone, but my author score sticks around 88 and keeps dropping... I don't get it (I don't care that much either but thought maybe this is some sort of bug in the algorythm- shouldn't the author score go up as a reward for publishing consistently? just sayin :) I've also gotten a lot of greens (clicks to modules) hell 3/4 of my 92 articles are getting clicks (not buys but whatever) (it looks like xmas already) so they are doing good, even getting likes, syndication etc... doesn't make sense how it goes down when I'm doing what you'd think you want, publishing, being more concise, monetizing, getting trafic/clicks... 


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on 08/22/2012

Jerrico same prob here. I published quite a few too. But, my score from 96 reached the lower 80's... Plus I'm getting more module clicks and higher traffic too...

The algorithm just considers likes and comments on wizzley I guess (But, I'm getting more of that too!). Not really a problem just that my new wizzes don't feature in the top 3 new ones on the home page

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on 08/22/2012

I never pay attention to chances are I have no idea what I'm talking about. But if it is an "overall score" then wouldn't what you are experiencing make sense?

New wizzleys take time to earn a higher score. The score you speak of is your overall average I'm guessing.

So the math would be that if you are putting out that many new "young" articles in such a short amount of time, you will drag your score down until their individual scores do better.

For the sake of example, if you had 100 wizzleys and every single one of them right now ranked 85 (just for math ease...wouldn't happen realistically), then your overall average would be 85.

85 x 100 equals 8500, divided by 100 articles equals 85 OVERALL AVERAGE

Now throw in 25 more new articles that are only at a 70.

85 x 100 equals 8500

75 x 25 equals 1875

8500 + 1875 equals 10,375 DIVIDED BY 125 ARTICLES EQUALS AN OVERALL SCORE OF 83

So if I understand you both, the math shows you how if you add a bunch of younger articles, until they start to ripen and their scores go up, you are saturating your overall average and bringing it down.

I wouldn't worry about it because in the long run, as they go up, your overall score will be much stronger

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Posts: 1210
on 08/22/2012

You make a great argument actually :).

I'm not worried about it in the least, it's an internal score not a Google score so to speak, but I was curious about the way the score was "behaving". I guess I'm used to HP's algo and it had a way of "rewarding" you when you published more articles consistently or in a day, or in days in a row- kinda felt jacked for my virtual, intangible, reward haha...

The two sites seem to have very different ways of judging the score and HP has had time to mature their algo so there may just be more things on theirs than ours... at any rate I just wanted to see what they'd say about it and not one person chimed in from the staff.... owell.


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on 08/23/2012

I certainly understand the algorithm as Frugalrvers described it, but also the impetus behind that.

My favourite analogy is to imagine it like a shop window.  To drag people in off the streets, you want to display the best that you've got. 

The only way that Wizzley can work that out is by looking to see what the readers are loving. That comes in likes, comments, participation in polls/duels, and in social networking shares.  They all equate to a high popularity rank per article.

Even the Editor's Choice doesn't factor in here, because that's only one person's subjective opinion.  For example, Chef Keem may love something enough to stick a rosette on it.  Everyone else thinks it's pants.  The article will still have the award, but the article rank will go down.

The public speaks, you get 100% or 1%, whatever they decide.  If it's 100%, then the algorithm will note that it's quality and shove it in the cyber 'shop' window. 

Now throw in all that mathematics.  That's telling the algorithm what kind of article each author tends to write.  Your author rank reflects the average for your articles.

But you also need to factor in time, in a different way.  Nothing here happens overnight.  It takes 24 hours for any article to move anywhere.  Primarily, the algorithm looks at traffic - not particular amounts, but sudden surges.  This tends to happen anyway with new articles, as we promote them.

Strike two is looking at the likes and/or comments.  That moves it up another notch.  But there are levels here.  For example, no article can retain 100% without recently getting four likes.


*sorry!  Got to go, real life is happening.  Brb*

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