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Back after 2 wks in S Sudan

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on 03/19/2012

I was part of a team of Israeli therapists sent to South Sudan to start training social workers in working with trauma survivors (just about everyone in the country suffered horrendous traumas but not all need help).

South Sudan is a remarkable country filled with remarkable people. I hope to be able to get myself in gear to write a few wizzley articles about what I did and about the country. 

Just wanted to say - glad to be back!


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on 03/19/2012

Hi Sheri, I'm glad to hear you are back safe and sound from your adventure! Looking forward to read all about your experiences.

Welcome back! :)

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on 03/19/2012

The arrival of the newest country last year heralded the final chapter of a remarkable struggle for independence. Southern Sudan managed to split from Sudan after years of civil war. I hope that the people can now live in some form of peace and get over the traumas that war brings. The independence celebrations were broadcast on the BBC here in the UK mid last year. Money is obviously tight and the international community could still assist in that area.

It would be good to see eye witness accounts of how the country is coping with their new-found freedom. It would also be good to see whether the conflict has truly run its coarse.

Your humanitarian spirit is commendable.

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on 03/19/2012

Welcome back, Sheri, and I'd love to hear your experiences in South Sudan.

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on 03/19/2012

Glad your back safe and sound look forward to hearing about your travels and the wonderful people you met.

Katie McMurray
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on 03/19/2012

Love to hear and see more.  Sounds exciting, interesting, and thought provoking.

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on 03/19/2012

Welcome back!

Brenda Reeves
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