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Book cover

on 12/31/2012

Can anyone come up with a romantic book cover with two wizards - a man and a woman on it for me. I have searched myself silly looking for photos of this but, short of commissioning one and paying a fortune I cannot afford, I just can't get it right. My book is fantasy romance and Amazon (Createspace) does not provide that option. 

Posts: 256
on 12/31/2012

I'm not sure I'll be able to fulfil your request, but to clarify for others that might be able to - what size should the image be? And are you simply looking for two romantic looking wizard characters and nothing else (no background/foreground features)?

I'd have a crack if my graphics tablet was here, but it's currently still in the post :(

Posts: 847
on 12/31/2012

I'll see what I can do. Are these two wizards romantically involved? Need to know a little more.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 478
on 01/01/2013

What can these wizards do? I would place them next to objects they "work with," or have them as contours cut out of texture that makes those objects: trees, animals, etc.

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