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Can't Sleep At Night Because Wizzles Keep Trying To Come To Life In Your Head?

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on 08/22/2012

I have a cure for that. At least it works for me and a few others.

I'm just wrapping up a very long wizzle (mainly for people who want to get to know my business and entrepeneurial side better) I wrote called "My Adventures As An Entrepeneur From 9 Years Old To 20012" where I break down all those great businesses I had at 9 years old and all the way to today- No I'm not promoting my wizzle here, my point in bringing that up is that it lead me down memory lane to my old Meditation CD business where I created 38 titles (the business is offline and has been since 2007) designed to make you tranquil- insomnia relief, thought stream put in check kind of relaxation.

Sooooo.... to the point.

I forgot I had uploaded one track of a few different CD's in my collection to  (prepare to laugh) Myspace... The best one is a 17 minute track called "Purrfect Bliss"- this was my all time best seller (680 copies sold) and eventually I started to give away the track as a way to introduce people to my work. 

That said, click on over to myspace and check it out for yourself, if you like the track let me know and I'd be happy to send you the full Mp3 to record to CD and play at night when you can't sleep. This is designed to be heard in headphones (much more powerful because you get binaural and monoral beats you can't really process outside of headphones). You can also, however play it on a stereo and set it to loop.

Hope ya like my music. I created this track 100% myself, it's one of the last ones I produced before I hung up the towel. Even the cat in there and her purr sounds (background deep bassy, can hear in headphones) was my cat "Love Le'Tigra"...

I find this soothing enough to calm my brain down before writing and to break writers block... it inspires creativity with theta binaural's (headphones needed) and relaxes you but is upbeat enough to keep you awake (some may pass out- I once listened to this track in a restaurant before work and passed out for 20 minutes (that's 4 minutes after it stopped playing).


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