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Confusion about VigLinks

Posts: 105
on 07/04/2015

I am confused.  I read about VigLinks and see Amazon must be converted if we use Viglinks for future links.  But, there is a change recommending we continue to use our own Amazon.  So, if I sign up for VigLinks can I still add modules to my Amazon account, or do I have to use VIgLinks exclusively for new Amazon modules?  The idea of Ebay is exciting, because when I was on Squidoo more money was made with Ebay than Amazon.  Collectibles, like coins, work best on Ebay..  Unique products run for a week and are replaced.  This is not easy to handle on Amazon.


Also, I just added VigLinks outside of Wizzley, before reading. I can use tt on my Blog.

Posts: 699
on 07/04/2015

Just put your Amazon ID in the box provided by Wizzley. Viglink won't override it. I decided to do that. I have my own Amazon and Zazzle Ids and then use Viglink for eBay and everything else. Zazzle seems to keep changing it's relationship with Viglink and it feels like we don't get credit for sales through Viglink. That may just be my impression and it could be wrong.

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