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Corona virus

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on 04/05/2020

This is just a message to say that I wish you all well in this time of crisis. I have so many American colleagues on Wizzley, whom I regard as friends, and I am thinking and praying for you while this viral onslaught attacks your country.Keep up your writing.God Bless You.

Posts: 478
on 04/07/2020

My thoughts, too, go to all of you, your dear ones, and your communities! Be safe!

Posts: 105
on 04/09/2020

Wizzley has become a social platform for people to make and maintain friendships on an international level, while learning from each other.  Frank, we in America are well aware of the impact in the United Kingdom, and I wish you and your family well during this time.  I suppose we both shall miss the most important Christian day, Easter, as far as Mass is concerned.  Of course some of our friends celebrate Passover, which is also being impacted.  

I know of no area being spared.  In this area there are many ill, but the news is our staying away from others is working, and so far it is unlikely the virus will find us if we remain away from the inflicted.  

In World war II King George VI remained in London in harms way to be unified with his people.  I do not fault Queen Elizabeth II for going to a more secluded castle, for it would serve no purpose to contract the disease.  In this case leading by prudence is the better recourse, even though the monarchy is obsolete.  .  

We were told to get sunlight, and avoid others as much as possible.  But we are not being forced to remain in our homes.  Driving is allowed.  And seems quite safe, since others do not enter the vehicle.  

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on 05/08/2020

VE day...Victory in Europe. It should be remembered but let's not forget that the war in the far east was still raging and lives were being lost there. 

RIP to all including those who have died of Corona virus who can't be here to celebrate VE day . 

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