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Cuteness Fix of the Day

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on 10/25/2012

We all like baby, fluffy animals, right?   A great dane has given birth (dog variety, not Vikings) and there's two webcams going on.

Puppy Room - Indoor area.   At the time of writing, Mum is lying down and all of the babies are suckling off her.  *cute attack*

Puppy Hill - Outdoor area.  These are older puppies running wild.  At the time of writing they're apparently trying to lift their Mother off the ground, while attempting to bite each other's ears off.

I'm not used to dogs, is this usual behaviour?   Much licking is ensuing.

Anyway, enjoy the cute courtesy of my friend, Sareyva. <3


Edit:  the Puppy Hill lot are four months old.  Wow! Dogs grow fast!

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on 10/25/2012

I can't get the link to open yet, but yes, it sounds like normal behavior. Hard to tell without seeing it. Yes, they do grow fast. Especially Great Danes (dog variety....) Wink

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on 10/25/2012

I had dogs all my life, but none now.  I look at them and think they are a lot of work - and expense.

My daughter takes her dog / puppy to doggy daycare a couple days a week.  They even have a swimming pool there for the dogs - a big one.  And if you leave your dog and go away on vacation you can sign in and watch them on camera while you're away.

Thanks for sharing Jo..!

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on 10/25/2012

Nothing as cute as babies! 

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