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Get Atta Town-Homeless Shipped Out

on 07/30/2013

Hawaii offers one way tickets to homeless

By James Eng of MSN News

Hawaii is trying a new approach to cut down on the number of homeless in the Aloha State: Ship some of them back to the mainland.

Under a "return to home" three-year pilot program set to launch this fiscal year, the state will buy one-way tickets on planes — and possible even beds on cruise ships — to return eligible homeless people to their families in the continental U.S.

 I've read about other cities and states shipping the homeless to other parts of a state or other states for that matter. The administrators want to reunite homeless with families but that is probably why many are homeless in the first place.Is there no other way?


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on 07/31/2013

Years ago, New Your was giving their homeless one way tickets on the Greyhound bus to California. I believe CA sued them. This goes on all the time. The states aren't shipping them to family. They shipping them to any place they can get away with to get them off of their welfare rolls.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 1086
on 08/01/2013

I would think that if their "families" cared about them (the homeless) they would spend their own money to bring them home.

I agree that it sure seems like they are trying to clean up the state by dumping their problems on someone else.

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