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Google's new Privacy Policy and TOS

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on 01/30/2012

Google has a new privacy policy and terms of service that will be effective March 1, 2012, which covers multiple products and features and replaces their previous policy and TOS.

"March 1, 2012 is when the new Privacy Policy and Google Terms of Service will come into effect. If you choose to keep using Google once the change occurs, you will be doing so under the new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service."

What do you think about their new privacy policy and TOS?

Posts: 52
on 01/31/2012

I am concerned about some omissions and vague statements in it. For example, on their "key terms" page, they tell us that our IP address "can often be used to identify the country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet."

They don't mention that it can provide much, much more information. (Google "ip address info" and see what you learn off the bat about your system.) Nor do they mention how much of that additional information they may be collecting. I assume they collect all of it.

That's just one example. I'm still sifting through the voluminous links and documents, trying to parse the verbiage and understand just what they are collecting and how they are using it.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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