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Have You Wondered Where Your Sales Have Gone in 2017

Posts: 123
on 12/16/2017

Amazon has basically partnered with Wirecutter now owned by NY Times. 

Learn more about it in our Amazon Discussion Group   Here is the link to Expert Reviews  Jack Move

Linda Smith
Posts: 105
on 12/21/2017

I did not know this.  I thought it was because cookies are no longer lasting past a day.  And, the Prime customers see our ads and log in through Prime, not clicking through the ad.  Also, having the cookie warning scares people, so they tend to log in direct after seeing a product.  Amazon is no longer viable as a money producer for a number of reasons, you have just added one more, albeit a significant one.  At least Adsense still works.  And we have the Viglink option which I use.

Posts: 21
on 12/27/2017

Hmm, and yet curiously my current month's Amazon earnings are twice what they were last year. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Posts: 123
on 12/28/2017

You have been very fortunate then Sockii.  So many associates have seen their clicks, their orders go down the toilet this year, including those who have been around a long time and have always done well.  

No matter how hard associates tried to get a response from Amazon, they failed!

Linda Smith
Posts: 978
on 01/15/2018

I too make money from Amazon BUT it is primarily via ebooks and the like...  Hey you writers, WRITE a novel you know there are a few good books lurking around inside you!

I recently have been doing well with Google AdSense, better than years past, there is something to be said about mature content and Google Ads are trusted by readers.  Gear pages more toward a basic need and let Google do the work.  I still use Amazon ads, there are still a lot of people out there who use Amazon for purchases yet not willing to cough up the @ 100 bucks annually for free shipping, everyone offers free shipping, well it is more common.

It is the younger demographics that buy without prime accounts and other retailers online. The opportunities are out there perhaps take down a few Amazon products, limit them to one or two per page and focus more on content.  I know we hear that a lot but CONTENT is still KING/Queen!

Best Regards to ALL in 2018

Katie McMurray
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