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How many clicks does it take to edit a article?

Posts: 979
on 08/11/2012

Sorry for the recent publication of how to glue things together.  I published it in haste and by mistake before it was edited!  Whew what an embarrassment .

I quickly began editing it and yet clicked back and forth between page view, where I like to read for editing, and edit mode.  It seems I was a bit over tired working on this article. Never a good idea to edit in a hurry.  I will review it again today looking for any mistakes. 

I do apologize to anyone who may have read it before I completed editing the wizz.  

Katie McMurray
Posts: 1210
on 08/11/2012

put it in draft mode? I wonder why when we fix an article it doesn't broadcast it to my followers so they can see the changes...

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