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I'm Halfway to 50 Wizzes

Posts: 338
on 07/20/2011

(Yes, I'm calling them an unofficial name -- wizzes -- because I like having a label for them.)

I've published 25 wizzes! Woo hoo!

I'm trying to reach that goal of 50. The slightly increased ad revenue sharing at 50 wizzes is a good incentive. Plus 50 is just a nice round number for a goal.

I've got six more unfinished wizzes in the wings. 

Anyone else like to share your goal for number of wizzes?

Posts: 175
on 07/20/2011

I'm enjoying your wizzes so far Jimmie, I look forward to the next 25. 

I've made 51 so far. 50 was a good goal to head for. Once I hit 50 I decided to focus elsewhere for a while and create some good links to my wizzles (as I like to call them.)

But I couldn't resist popping back to create one more! I'm definitely heading for 100, let's say by the end of September - I don't want deadlines over the summer. 

Posts: 120
on 07/20/2011

Congrats Jimmie! I'd say 50 is a very doable number for you since you have 25 in about a month! 

I think I need to get cracking! Laughing

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Posts: 17
on 07/21/2011

Congratulations, 25 wizzles, you have been busy. I have two in the wings and one posted and lots of ideas for new wizzles.

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