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I've Just Submitted A Review Of Wizzley To Alexa

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on 02/23/2012

I thought I would check out how Wizzley is doing in terms of traffic so I had a look on Alexa. At the moment it has a gobal traffic rank of 25,289 and the most popular search term that gets visitors to the site (apart from wizzley Smile) is "which is better pokemon black or white" .


 I noticed nobody has given this site a review yet so I have just submitted one, although it isn't online yet. It might be worth other members doing the same if they feel inclined. I'm not sure what affect it will have on Wizzley's traffic, but no doubt people do use Alexa to see what others think of particular websites. Here is the link:

 I still haven't made any pages yet, but I am hoping to do so in the next few days.


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