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I Want To Share A Personal Achievement(s) With My Friends On Wizzley...[inspiration]

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on 02/28/2013

I had to tell someone and why not shout it at the Wizzley mountain top (or castle top?)

I guess you can tell I’m excited about something- and of all the people I interact with daily, I find Wizzley authors to be amazing listeners so I wanted to tell you first. This is a bit long (1,267 words apx.) but please bear with me. (I was inspired to share by FrugalRVers post about her own yay moments… I don't need any responses I just needed to vent before my excitometer bursted :) (but responses are always welcome)

This is in two parts, part 1 my immediate "windfall" and part two sharing to hopefully inspire you if you need a boost.... i.e. by proxy I find hearing about others great mindset changes that changed everything and can learn from it inspirational.

Some background:

I've been working for a powerful internet marketer for over 5 years 7 days a week. I work 5 days hard core (and have A LOT of responsibilities) and weekends are fluid, I just got a new raise (extra) position in another venture/business for this guy which will require me to do a lot of data entry and SEO strategy type stuff (easy for me but daunting after a while I'm sure, just finished training) so I'm easily going to be working 18 hour days to do both jobs (simultaneously not consecutively).

Luckily I can surf the web during work hours to maintain my sanity and for that I come to wizzley- what a great bunch of people!

On the weekend I just watch the basics (tickets, article directory (like what chef does but for a directory and writers) etc... light stuff but just having to "be here" available 7 days a week is akin to an on call job, no freedom, no full days off to unplug, etc... believe me it gets daunting. 

I was talking to my boss and (I have two one that is the owners right hand and I'm that guys right hand but we do a lot of the same jobs, and I now have 3 more with this new position (different company) discussing vacation time (last year it was introduced that we'd get 2 full weeks paid vacation) and didn't get the "what two weeks do you want off" email this year so I asked about it so I could have a week in the summer off to spend with my goddaughters (in this job the summer time is a dead season so taking time off is easy in the swing of things)... This decision to work every day of the week was my own 5 years ago but it's getting very old to always work!

This ballooned into another idea where I suggested taking one FULL day off a week, no computer, nothing- could walk to Washington and back and not miss work at all (I love my job but a man needs some downtime you know?).

He threw one better at me and said, if I was willing to handle the backlog of work that usually stacks up on the weekend (tickets, article directory audits, writer work reviews, etc...) on Monday (would likely take 5 hours JUST to catch up to a normal work day start, these are busy companies)... that he'd talk to the owner about taking the FULL WEEKEND OFF- meaning I'm a free agent on the weekends something I've not experienced in over 5 years.

I could drive to Sacramento to see Riann and Hailey and not have to jack into the satellite or hot spot internet (through your cell phone tethering to your laptop, on the road)...

So, other than some re configuring to make sure everything is tidy writers aren't neglected on the weekends (or customers), it's looking like a GO!

Not working for an entire day, even on Wizzley, email, anything at all- sounds so amazing (I work at home and practically never leave the cave!) I'd kiss my bosses feet just for suggesting they'd think about it.

So... I may take weekends completely off but if not, the only activity worthy of doing on my free days online is Wizzley (due to the lack of stress, great people, and amazing fun creating wizzles to share). I have 800 more articles to move over (currently have 227 in draft, 181 published, and 580 left on HP to transfer)... with a 7 day work week even the fun stuff online is daunting you know?


It doesn't stop there... and this is the part I want to share with you hopefully to help inspire you...

What's intriguing is since I pulled the trigger in getting my "Luck" site off the ground (barely built but fully shelled) a site that tells people how to "be lucky" by simply paying attention changing how you think etc... (no bs or fairy tales, luck is a great catalyst for empowerment training or self help)... I've put about 30 articles on there (blogroll) and built over 20 pages of content explaining essentially how it all works (being lucky)... but in it I talk about taking EVERY opportunity to plant seeds, take your life by the horns and chase what you want- (in this case I chased weekends off and got it, something I'd not wanted to temp fate with for years by asking for it off, they use me a great deal on weekends even though the work load is lite it's important... 

My point is that since I started writing content (all about luck and empowerment) for my site I'm building nothing but luck has come my way for a solid 2 months!- even things like burning my kitchen down (there's a wizzle about that), a not so lucky event, have turned out to be a catalyst for many things for many people (it actually created jobs, we got a whole new paint job on our lower levels, and a new stove, entire kitchen cabinet replacement, new fire alarms all around (that don't chirp when the battery dies (plugged in with a backup battery) or when I take hot showers (always got a symphony of annoying fire alarm sounds and now that this happened my neighbors may think another fire is happening when I'm just showing!) ...

It's brought us and our neighbors closer (until this happened I didn't interact with my neighbors at all, barely even saw them, now we're all talking every day- and they are amazing people to know! They thought I was some kind of hermit they only saw my shadow when I stood up haha... many didn't even know I lived here, they thought Michelle was living here alone!

I could go on but basically it's been a phenomenal couple of months. I even did a tarot reading at the beginning of the year and it told me amazing lucrative change was afoot. I even asked Katie to read my spread and she saw the same thing- evidently it was right on and the 3 of pentacles (contract/new job/marriage) was trying to tell me something (Me and Michelle have been planning our wedding a lot lately too! We decided to do the justice of the peace thing with close family there then a big wedding when the big money comes in a few months (start planning it)- my raise is not some nickel dime raise, this new position puts us square into the upper middle class (along with other incomes)...

I tell you the only thing that I changed was my attitude towards success

(I used to fear it because I feared the money would disrupt my life (I live a simple existence, I don't like too  much complexity but ironically my online work is nothing but) but found that I was just afraid of having a lot of money and responsibilities because I would likely put myself in the poor house with gadgets and overzealous spending/shopping on amazon (I'm addicted!) or the money would ruin me, change my attitude, blah blah blah- all imaginary problems in reality.

Michelle came in 4 years ago and manages my money exclusively - and she's amazing at it, very honest and trustworthy- so the problem there was resolved, I just had to realize it was the problem- success is no longer a fear, and now things are falling into place as if by magic because my attitude of gratitude, and of success are now my tools towards prosperity.

This post is first to share my excitement about the weekends off- it means more to me than all the tea in china, and to share my excitement at my awareness that changing simply how you think of your life, your success, and taking action- any action at all- can change your life- it changed mine.

Thanks for listening!


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on 02/28/2013

Wow! I am so glad everything is going so great for you now. But you are such a busy guy. I don't think I'll ever complain about not having any time to do anything. You have me beat for sure. Enjoy your weekends!

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on 02/28/2013

Jerrico this all sounds so wonderful for you and Michelle. I love the part about the raise, because that really does give you some stability and a good base. The new position and new company sounds super fantastic. But the time off is priceless. I'm glad you spoke up for yourself.

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on 02/28/2013

Thanks gals :) yea the raise was fantastic, never in my life did a job come to me (like a head hunter in your own other job) that was a sweeeet conversation, but the weekends trumped even that coolness because I really need some down time. I consider my time spent on wizzley like traveling to hawii, relaxing and great conversations (both in the forum and through my spinning words into gold coins :) 

The benefit of the new company is a greater understanding and actual practice (paid practice) in SEO, just what I've seen so far boggles my mind! Just think had I just not mentioned anything about weekends or vacation- I'd not have gotten weekends off... likely at first I'll ditch the PC for those days but knowing me I'll weave it back in but with only fun fun fun stuff (building the site/business and making music will likely take up those days eventually- making music is sooo relaxing (especially since I make meditation music lol)...

Thanks for reading... :)


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on 03/01/2013

This is such an inspiring post!  I really relate to your explanation about attitudes to money, simplicity, and not wanting too much complexity in life.   Lovely to read about all your plans and how things are changing for you in a good way.  You deserve it - I'm exhausted just reading your work schedule! 

Take care, Kathleen

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on 03/01/2013

I love your enthusiasm Jerrico. Enthusiasm is contagious so you're welcome to share it with me anytime. Congratulations on your good luck! I've always had a fear of success too. I've lost out on so many opportunities, because I'd get right to the brink and back away. Where is this website of yours?

Brenda Reeves
on 03/01/2013

I love your "yay moments" Jerrico! That's what makes this forum so's not just about troubles and "the bad" - it has positive energy, too...

I love, love, LOVE your putting out there how good comes from bad. I discovered this on my journey in the past few years and what a different perspective it gives you on life. Nope, the world isn't against you. Nope, you aren't a are meant to LEARN and GROW from each experience in life, good or bad.

We have had a lot of bad in the past few years (dealing with ill stepfather while dealing with grief over losing my mom at the same time)...but each challenge we face Jim and I take a step back and really think "what are we supposed to learn from this" - very Kubler Ross, my absolute hero in learning to live a peaceful, mindful life.

Weekends with those we love is so important - I always think about, if today were my last day on earth, what would my regrets be...then change my life accordingly so that I have no regrets. Must leave time for living and cherishing those we have at our sides - I do regret I didn't visit my mom in Illinois more...don't want those types of regrets again.

Yay for you!


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on 03/01/2013

Fantastic NEWS!  Glad to hear about the money you work so hard and are so energetic putting out a lot of bang for anyone's buck.

Do continue to come up with those great ideas.  I have a feeling one of the most used words in your mental cues vocab is NEXT!  

I know I do something fully and to completion and quickly move to the NEXT thing.  Staying motivated is not a problem for you and it does and will continue to pay off.

Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.

Keep on!

Katie McMurray
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on 03/01/2013

Yay for weekends off!  I hope you will be able to learn to relax for that time and use it to rejuvenate yourself.  I get exhausted just reading all you do, but the fact that everything you do write is so upbeat and positive is obviously running over into your life.

I wish you all the best with your endeavors, and congratulations on all the good things that have come your way....!!

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on 03/01/2013

Wow thanks everyone, I half expected this thread would just be too much for most people or it would be deleted for being 1. too long and 2. too personal? but glad to see it stuck! I was so "my cup runneth over" with excitement I had to share, I appreciate your kind words.

Frugal I'm using you as an example of a "professional blog" in my next article :) you guys inspire me so much actually, I look at you and what you do, how you just went out and lived the way you wanted- sold everything, bought an RV, what's more inspirational than that?!

To give you an idea, your blog is so powerful me and Michelle actually entertained the thought of doing it ourselves (for about a week) but when we really thought about how comfortable we are in Oregon and how our families (well mine) just moved here to be with us more and us leaving wouldn't be fair- that and my job is far too complex at the moment (busy) to do on the road... but we've talked about getting an RV and doing short spouts of what you live :) maybe a week or two etc...(perhaps we can meet up for a pow wow and a BBQ if we're in the same area)  

She's grounded to her job (loves it, just herself got promoted to manager (with a lot of work and sacrifice)).... but the impact reading it had on us made us step back. We've decided to practically purge all of our material possessions and start fresh like we did when we moved into our first place together... We want to start this new successful year (and boy is it feeling successful, even if you remove the money part of the equation we're just very happy people!)... by starting fresh. We've merged our stuff but never really bought stuff that's ours so we're going to do that and build a house so to speak... The thought of our stuff not owning us sounds pretty amazing :).

I love your optimism as well (all of you guys/gals in here) and love to read the stories. I am banking on enthusiasm being contagious with my posts usually :), sometimes my energy can be overwhelming :)

I tell you though nothing feels more amazing than being more hopeful about the future, to see where your going with no mud on your windshield so to speak, and to see things just falling into place that you pushed seeds out to years ago... life is like that, you work work work on it and get nothing in return in the short run, but one day in the long term, if you planted a lot of seeds- things will seem serendipitous (but in reality it's your work finally bringing a crop!). We also like that we can now help our families out more and take our friends out as well, we're great tippers wherever we eat (I was a server/waiter for 10 years)

Thanks for your responses! 

Share your stories, I'd  love to hear them! 


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on 03/02/2013

I am so so happy for you Jerrico and for you guys both. I love reading your posts and how you keep us up with your life. You are such an inspiration and a jolly guy to have around. You put a smile on my face.

Looking forward to seeing those wedding pics - when is it btw?


on 03/02/2013


Your last post was so complimentary - thanks so much....

In 2009 we sold everything and hit the road! Follow us on our blog at Cheap RV Living
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on 03/02/2013

I'm so happy for you, Jerrico! As you live in Oregon, I hope you're able to spend your weekends outdoors. Even we Wizzlians would be happy to know you're having time away from the computer. I'll bet Michelle will be happy you're away from it, too. 

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on 03/02/2013

@ Sheri, thanks, you inspire me too I don't think I've seen anything but optimism with you, and your trips near my names home town (Jericho/Jerrico) fascinate me. Thanks! I tend to think we all inspire one another, it's a hard thing to maintain alone you know?

Michelle is my daily inspiration and above all I want her to be happy so this whole thing and all the good things to come make that easier. I'm not really motivated by money per say, it comes and goes and isn't truly that hard to acquire if you're willing to put in the work and patience, but what I am motivated by is seeing others thrive too... it's one of the hallmarks of why I love Wizzley  we don't just learn in some cold school environment, or in a negatively charged one either, we learn in an environment cohesive to true learning and enjoying the company of your for lack of a better term co-workers, companions, and people with the same goal overall.

@Frugalrvers your welcome, you inspire people with your posts, that's a magic thing. I love how you guys don't hold back, I read a post by your hubby on the front page yesterday I like the term he used "yanks" lol, you guys are not only living on the road but your doing it in a fashion that inspires others to even entertain doing it themselves (however many don't have that kind of courage, so you teach them courage- just applied to whatever it is that inspires them to push towards their dreams of freedom, so they don't have to live in an RV if what gives them courage is just to get a job they love, and I think watching your adventures shows them that it's possible- you just have to heed the words of Nike and just do it. It's really that simple isn't it? Hard to teach to others though unfortunately- but your blog/example does it.

@Sheilamarie Dam skip about that Oregon thing, I can look out my window right now and see both mountains (some with snow caps you can see on the back patio even in the summer!) and trees of so many species with colors that change like a cameleon and I'm less than a mile from the "forest", one you could easily get lost in... the Butte' a mountain me and Michelle walked up for our first date (and there was ironically and amazingly a nice meteor shower that night and a lot of wind- it was Casablanca on a mountain top... When we had our first kiss you could say we literally saw stars, meteors (comet looking too), and sparks... we knew then that we'd spend the rest of our lives together- been sparks since. The wedding we're planning to do at her mom's ranch (not really a ranch but as big as one) and no plans for when yet, we need to catch up a little now that we can, then I'm thinking within a year for sure... we may do the justice of the peace thing first (we're not into all that traditional stuff, we want a new age fun wedding, not to bore the pants off our visitors lol)... You know there will be a wizzle about it to sell wedding gear, services, and whatnot LOL

Thanks again everyone, I kind of felt like I was bragging when the excitement wore off (trust me I wasn't), but glad you took it in the spirit I wrote it in, to share excitement and motivate/inspire... When someone on the forum says "oh look I made 100.00 on amazon and that was just my commission" I don't know about you but that makes me really want to build wizzles, and find that magic niche...

Have a great weekend!


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