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Imagine Greater... (Inspiration)

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on 07/06/2012

I saw this picture and am reminded of how much money will soon adorn our pages... Thought I'd share the visualization... 

Imagine Greater


If you can imagine it, you can make it here's some help with the visualization :)

Please excuse the mess, I keep cleaning it up but the clicks keep coming back!

Posts: 825
on 07/06/2012

Ha Ha I can only dream....

Lana or LIl aka Ragtimelil RagtimeLil's Store on Weebly
Posts: 626
on 07/07/2012

I'm not American but aren't "Lincolns" $5 bills?

Don't think there's enough there for my presidential cabin on 'The World' - but hey, it's a start.

When the pile reaches level with the table I might be round to help you tidy up - or is that 'clear up'?

Sorry - just noticed there were other denominations - now where was it you lived?

Posts: 274
on 07/08/2012

Don't worry, Humagaia, along with the $5 there are $50's and $100's.

Even the $1.00's are welcome.

Have any of you heard about the $5,000 in small bills that were dropped from a hotel room in Seattle, WA, to protest campaign funds coming from corporations? The protestors were connected with the 98% anti-Wall Street group. I forget all the exact details, but this picture reminded me of that event.

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on 07/08/2012

Thanks for vision Money mouth

Katie McMurray
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on 07/08/2012

I finally reached my first 3.00 on Wizzley woot woot! It came from strictly adsense clicks but the previous month was .32 and before that .12... I'd say it's skipping pretty fast compared to the past results... clicks on other monetized mods are up (no sales but clicks at this point are what I'm looking for)...

I notice the more wizzles I create and publish the faster click and syndication starts to bring in traffic so I'm trying to make each one perfect so collectively in time they will help the entire account. On HP I had 900 articles but can only really say 300+ were earners and 5 were mega earners.... those were my best quality articles over there I think so quality over quantity is definitely an account click-me-up :)

I think the wizzley round will prove much more lucrative than the HP one give the next 3 years to season and ramp up- tis the building period, the next "age" will be the testing, and publish with supergrow already in the soil :)

I have this picture as my Wizzley log on "speed dial" image/avatar....


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