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In addition to Amazon US and UK - now all other Amazon sites

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on 11/04/2017

Just received this from Amazon:

Greetings from Amazon

We are happy to announce an update to OneLink that helps you monetize your traffic from Europe and Japan. Using OneLink you can now monetize your international traffic from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and neighboring countries in addition to the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada with Amazon’s text links. This update promises an improved shopping experience for your international visitors by automatically redirecting them to their local Amazon storefront to complete their purchases.

For more information, view a detailed integration guide, read through FAQs, or find out how to get started with OneLink.

The Amazon Associates Team

Posts: 979
on 11/06/2017

NICE...... Gotta love AMAZON


Katie McMurray
Posts: 26
on 11/10/2017

Thanks for this information!

I just got a paper check from Amazon UK (now sending from the EU) and I don't know if I'm going to be able to deposit it here in the US. 

If there is a way to get around this for the future, I will take a look!

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on 07/04/2018

Boy am I lost - I did join Amazon (again after 8 years or so) now everything has changed.  I do not think I can use a text link on Wizzley - am  I right?

Wow everything is so different - how do we use the modules?

Anyone who can tutor me?


Completely lost - If if use my affil code it changes to Wizzleys?


HELP!!!! Totally lost

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