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Internet Down - Except for Wizzley!

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on 06/16/2012

At around half 7 last night, there was a major fault on the line.  Both the telephone and broadband went down.  They're still down.

But for one site.  It takes forever to do, but I can access and use Wizzley.  I think it's because it was showing at the time that the fault occurred.

Each time I open something like this post page, it takes ten minutes or so to load, but then I'm in.  I've managed to painstakingly write and publish an article this morning (it took most of last night too).

In the meantime, I can't open nor load any other web page.  Neither can we make 'phone calls.  According to my ISP the entire region is in black out.

Some kind of magic there for Wizzley to prevail?


Posts: 477
on 06/16/2012

That's great! I mean that you can use Wizzley Innocent I'm pretty sure things will be back to normal pretty soon. But, till then you can write them on word or something and publish them together right? You'll be wasting your time otherwise.

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on 06/16/2012

*humming theme from Twilight Zone*

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on 06/19/2012

could it be that wizzley caches the changes to an article your working on and uploads it either when you hit save or possibly that it knows when the internet isn't there and simply waits to transfer the data? :) doodadooododadooodadoooda.... you are now enter a site of mind and blissful pleasure... an area of the web that is preallocated for the wizzards across the internet, a place where nothing is "average" or "normal".... welcome to....


The Wizzley Zone...... (queue music again)

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