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Is Wizzley a Social Site?

Posts: 105
on 11/02/2017

I just had Amazon cancel my account with the reason Wizzley is a social media site,  I called and spoke to someone who seemed to not comprehend, but supposedly sent the matter up the line for consideration.  The claim is there is too little unique information on Wizzley. Also if the account is not restored can I delete my affiliate code and use Viglink.  In other words would the Amazon links automatically convert, and would this be a problem with Amazon?

Posts: 978
on 11/06/2017

WOW crazy, I do hope this is resolved.


Katie McMurray
Posts: 123
on 11/19/2017

Black Spaniel   Did you list your Wizzley account among the website list with Amazon.  I don't get it, since so many here use the Amazon program on Wizzley.   You can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, but you have to add your account to your Amazon Website list.

There are a lot of issues with Amazon due to low conversion, sales etc and not getting Amazon response.  Many are going to other networks such as Skimlinks where you don't have to apply to each merchant.

Linda Smith
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