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Chatter away, friends!

Just want to say thanks,

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on 10/29/2011

I feel like the ground is level here and we all have an equal chance to shine at Wizzley.  Unlike every other place (well honestly not that many) I've written or whatever, I end up realizing that certain people are promoted and chosen and etc. - like a bunch of little cliques - and no matter how hard I try I will not get recognized or even acknowledged - which is not good for productivity.  But here I do not get that feeling and want to say thank you to the ones who make it so.

Wizzley is truely different, in many good ways.

Posts: 274
on 10/29/2011

I agree, Dustytoes. I have felt that, too. I guess part of the reason is the newness of the site, but I appreciate the spirit of those who created Wizzley. They make us feel our time here is well spent. 

Thanks a million! I'm happy to be here!

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on 10/29/2011

There is something special about Wizzley. I feel very comfortable in this community. I agree with sheilamarie that it might have something to do with the newness. But I it is a very thoughtful and gracious group. It definitely has something to do with management and their style. It's great!

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on 10/29/2011

Thank you for being so appreciative, and so kind in expressing it here, Ladies!

You are wonderful! It's a privilege and a great pleasure working with you.  

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