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Large spike in Wizzley views

Posts: 626
on 03/08/2014

Has anyone else noticed a large spike in their Wizzley views?

By Wizzley views I mean views specifically attributed to Wizzley on the stats pages.

Over the last 3 days those views have rocketed.

They are of little use to me monetarily, and I cannot check them out through G Analytics, so my curiosity is piqued.

I wonder who, what, where they are coming from.

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same spikes.



Hold the front page: I've found which Wizz is getting the attention - Bitly shorten service - between 350 and 400 view per day for 3 days (almost all internal Wizzley views). I am stumped as to why.

Posts: 478
on 03/08/2014

Maybe there's a new sharing thingie out there which doesn't automatically shorten links. Some other place to promote your stuff using shortened links.

Posts: 1
on 03/08/2014

Yes, my stats are up for sure.

Posts: 1816
on 03/09/2014

Mine have been steadily growing since December. 

I've recently reconfigured my whole Twitterfeed, so I thought that was one of the reasons why. The majority of my 120+ feeds now point to categories as a whole, rather than just my own. Other Wizzley authors will be getting bitly traffic accordingly.

Though I doubt that accounts for the whole.  I'm getting some major spikes on things I'm not promoting though.

on 03/12/2014

And that would be without the 'help' of that *whistles* troll, too, eh, Jo?

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