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Men's honesty needed

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on 06/04/2012

What do Dad's really want for fathers day, ideas please...

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on 06/05/2012

That all depends on the dad. Someone who lives online would want different things from someone who spends all their time outdoors... what's your dads intrests? vocation? where does he spend all his free time? what does he love to do? is he a web 2.0 dad or does he hate computers?

But if you want a uniform cool gift, how about....

A Huge teddy bear? haha (kidding, some dads aren't into teddy's... parish the thought)

Flat screen TV?

One of those hickory farms cheeze, crackers, sausage, and tiny bread packs (what my dad loves)... Something that says "you raised me well, here's proof" works lovely too (i.e. something that proves your dad's discipline over the years teaching you _____ didn't go in vain?

How about what everyone wants... a party where you invite all his war buddies or just buddies, one year I found and contacted some friends my dad hadn't seen in many years, he loved that poker game we set up... of course he didn't have to buy in (they did)...

it really depends on your dad's interests- someone whose a computer guru may like electronics or gadgets, another dad would love sentimental gifts (intangible ones like the poker game), personally I get a gag gift plus a real one... it's a hoot!

Above all, be there for him on that day- do lunch, do breakfast, do dinner- do all three- something as cool as dinner, a movie, and maybe a bunch of small but iconic (to show your paying attention to his life) gifts you give throughout the day could be amazing. Not all gifts are tangible... hope this helps


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on 06/05/2012

My dad always loved anything we gave him if it was hand-made and thought out.  I used to make key chains and charms for his truck when I was little.  When we got older, my siblings and I made things like a mini well decorated with stones from the driveway for his flower garden.  One year we made certificates telling him that a day of his choosing we would spend the day with him on his truck.  We always did better with handmade or thought out gifts.  Hope this helps.

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on 06/05/2012

I am not a dad but if I were I would want a Swiss Army Knife. I forgot to put mine in my checked luggage a few days ago and had it confiscated before boarding a plane.

Years ago I bought a Swiss Army knife for my father and he kept it on him at all times for years.

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on 06/05/2012

I didn't do this for Father's Day, but I did it for my dad and his wife for their combined birthdays (only 2 weeks apart) and it was a hit...think it would be great for "dad's day" as well...

I made a funny story book on computer paper (not a lot of effort or words...but in nice print) and bought a report cover to go over it.

I might add, the story was "told" by their dog, Tasha...but humor was key for can be more serious.

Then I just thought about what they like to do, their daily schedule, stores they like and got SMALL gift cards that I taped where they fit in the story.

So their dog, for example, was excited about "town day" (they live in the mountains, btw) and the first stop was their favorite ice cream place ($10) - then dad is always anal about his truck so off to the car wash ($5). Then the dog gripes as they go into the movie theater ($10) get the idea.

Think of what your dad likes, his rituals, and make him a day that is just his. The nice thing is that even when the gift cards are spent, the story is still there as a wonderful keepsake - so it is sentimental, too. My hint is to fill it with "little gift cards" so there is more story. Not, "then dad went to the mall and spent $50, etc."

Just a new twist for ya! Robin

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on 06/05/2012

Great ideas thanks everyone Smile

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