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Moving House

Posts: 101
on 11/14/2013

I've been absent from the site now for some weeks due to going through the trauma of moving.  I hope by the end of the experience I may have enough material for a half decent article for a Property magazine - if I can get rid of the bile it's causing me.   Sellers from hell who messed me about, solicitors (theirs) ditto, and having to move into a rental as my buyers and I had signed and they had to move into my property.  Fraught, fraught, fraught.  Don't know why I'm telling you this, especially as I'm on an open computer (no Wifi in my rental, so no online community to commiserate with me).  See you all soon.



Posts: 109
on 11/14/2013

Oh no! Sounds like hell. We only rent but went through a three year period where we moved six times for various reasons. This is the first time we've renewed a lease in about five years now. I can't imaging moving again for a while--and I'm sure you definitely can't.

Hope you get your home just the way you want it. We'll be here when you're back :)

Posts: 1816
on 11/14/2013

Oh dear, Mari! It doesn't sound like it's been fun at all.  But think how cathartic it will feel, when you're writing for your Property magazine!

Posts: 1086
on 11/15/2013

Sorry to hear of your misery!  I hope the mess is all behind you really soon.

I guess we all have a moving horror story, and mine is that I had one week left to stay in my rental house when my "new" rental condo flooded ..and was unlivable.  Nightmare!  It's the only time in my life that I thought I might be living in my car. 

So you have my full sympathy.

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