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My latest Wizzley indexed within the hour

Posts: 45
on 11/08/2011

Wow I'm totall floored (In a good way). Not even sure why I checked but shorlty after publishing my latest Wizlley page (must have passed half an hour or so), I pasted the url in Google, and there it was already indexed and showing twice, once also showing in the New pages at Wizzley.

When I think how slowly are most of my Squidoo pages to get indexed, Wizzley is like a breath of fresh air...awesome! Laughing

Posts: 175
on 11/08/2011

I just checked my latest one, and there it was! It's amazing isn't it. 

I've got Squidoo lenses I created weeks ago that haven't been indexed. 

Wizzley is definitely the place for last minute seasonal articles. 

Posts: 207
on 11/18/2011

About a month ago, I grabbed onto a good early topic and after pinging it, it was indexed within 10 minutes and then went viral (about 15k hits in first 24 hours.) For a relatively new site, it's certainly doing very well in the SERPs! (Probably also because of the fact all articles get moderated, too.)

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