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native ads

Posts: 46
on 09/15/2012

Somehow I came across this article:


I didn't really understand most of it, but I just wanted to know if this affects sites like Wizzley or if it affects how we should be promoting our own articles.

Posts: 847
on 09/15/2012

I click on ads quite a bit when I'm on other sites of course. In this business, everything is constantly being reinvented and we have to do the same.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 626
on 09/15/2012

Wizzley could incorporate native ads, just as HP could adjust it's HP ads program to offer native ads. Proprietary ad programs on Web 2.0 sites would offer earning potential for all writers by distributing the income according to the number of impressions, and pay by paypal. Many writers are disillusioned with Google ads, and the way that Adsense treats them (and bans them).

It would be a change of strategy for Wizzley, and possibly not sensible until it sees a major increase in traffic. But it is the way of the future.

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