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New tax rules for non-US residents?

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on 04/16/2014

I have had all my earning from CafePress withheld since December, despite filling out a new form for non-US residents, because I don't have a US tax number. But no other company has contacted me about having to jump through these hoops. What about here? Is this why I have had zero income in 13 months from Wizzley?

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on 04/16/2014

For Zazzle and Amazon both, I've had to fill in a form. They link it from their payment pages. It's called something like a W8-Ben. That's from memory though, so check the pages to see what it really is.

It's always been like that though, and you should see your earnings on the account pages, even if you haven't received them.

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on 04/17/2014

I think is W8-Ben form which we nee to fill out

on 04/17/2014

I've never filled in any form anywhere, I don't think. I can't even recall filling in a form here, although I may have had to and I've just forgotten.


ETA: Having just battled the system to log into Chitika again, I now realise they expect me to fill in a W8-BEN, so maybe other sites will also expect that.

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