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New Wizzley Game: Funny Marketing That's Not Supposed To Be Funny. Wanna Play?

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on 11/10/2011

How about if we collect clunky slogans or other funny stuff from the marketing/advertising industry here in this thread, so someday one of us can put it all together in a wizzle? Who knows...we may get a bunch of articles together, and people always like funny content.

Depending on the participation, we could decide that as soon as we have, let's say, 12 great entries, the most frequent contributor, or the 12th poster, may create the article. Let's hear your suggestions on that.  

Then I would delete all those forum entries (to avoid duplicate content) and display the link to the article in a single post. After that, a new round begins.

I don't intend to set a certain tone with my following toilet humor entry. It just seems to me that creative (pin) heads have a lot of trouble with that area. Just watch the TV ads... 

OK, here goes...


Walgreens carries a discount brand of toilet paper called "Real Soft".

12 rolls for "WOW! Only $5".

On the package it says: "Still 352 Long Lasting Sheets Per Roll".

Long lasting sheets???

Are there actual people out there, who fold their sheets after one use and then save it in a little box for the next time?

Why must a sheet last longer than wipe-toss?

Or, perhaps, wiiipe-toss? (still sleepy; reading)

Or, wipe-wipe-toss? (rearly progressive; efficient)

I think their slogan should read: "Still 352 Sheets Per Long Lasting Roll".

But I admit: that wouldn't be funny.



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