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People profiting from Murder

on 08/30/2011

I know everyone here has heard of Casey Anthony but did you hear about the prosecutor,Jeff Ashton writing a book on the trial?

I think this is wrong and should be ilegal to profit of of any murder.The grandparents are going on Dr.Phil in a few weeks to give an interview.They will be paid but claim to be using it in their own clarity organization.

Of course casey and her lawyers will come out with some book deals or interviews..

Poor Caylee is gone and others are profiting.

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on 08/31/2011

It's the way of the world. People profit off events.

I, of course, feel that I'm an exception. My mother tried to kill me as a toddler (leaving me with a tube in my throat for over a decade), so I'm writing a book on it. And hopefully if I'm lucky might profit.

I think that's fairer. Although would be good if all murder related profits had to be donated to charity. I'm  not sure about the laws there, but in Aus, any book written to profit off a crime (if you instigated it) has all royalties taken by the g'ment.

on 09/01/2011

thats aweful that you had a tube in your throat..and you say your mom did it?

if you do write and make some profit, you should keep it ...Money mouth


Do what makes you happy- I write and create Hubpages
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