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Plagiarism and Spam

Posts: 978
on 10/04/2017

A reader, or rather someone trolling the net for link material to direct traffic to their related blog/website left a comment on my page about working from home.  This person completely plagiarized frankbeswick post linking their name back to their website. 

It is important to watch for and delete such comments as it is harmful to our integrity, overall site health and opportunities.  

frankbeswick pointed this out to me, thank you frankbeswick, I was busy with other work and may not have noted it for days had you not brought it to my attention. 

Community please add any more thoughts and point of views on the impact of such comments. 


Katie McMurray
Posts: 120
on 10/05/2017

Thanks Katie. You have responded decisively, as I had hoped.

Posts: 26
on 10/21/2017

I appreciate anything that anyone does to shut down spammers and thieves!

I see my comment notices and so far have not had the same kind of problem here that you recently spotted.

It does seem to have been a good move to shut off new accounts until (or if) a more robust vetting process can be put into place.

Thanks to you and everyone for all you do to keep the site going and in the good graces of the Powers That Be!

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