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Plans for the Fourth of July, Summer fun?

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on 06/30/2015

I live on the coast of Maine where this is the kick-off for the summer season. My family has a barbecue and we toast marshmallows on the beach. Very low key, but lots of fun. I know lots of Wizzlers live in countries that don't celebrate our Independance Day, when do you start summer festivities?

Posts: 478
on 06/30/2015

We celebrate the International Workers' Day on May 1, and May 2 is also a holiday, so most people go to the beach that long weekend. From then on the mood changes, and starting with June many people spend their weekends away or take their vacations for the summer, etc. There are also many summer events in the city: films, music in a plaza downtown, movie caravans in parks, etc.

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on 07/01/2015

Happy 4th Digby.  I am in NH and am planning to do nothing different on the fourth, but I'd love to attend a big fun cookout.  It's the American way to celebrate.

I would love to hear how the rest of the world celebrates summer.

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