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Please support my campaign.....

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on 06/09/2011

Please support my campaign to expose the exploitation and potential negative eco-impact of mass produced coconut water.

Coconut water is a lifestyle drink invested and promoted by celebrities who can easily influence the market. One celebrity alone with half a million followers on twitter, can, in a few words, create a phenomenal demand. "I drink Joe Bloggs Coconut Water" for example. The profits are huge, but the true environmental cost may be very damaging. Coconut Water does have health benefits, but if this rush for profit is not checked, then within 10 years many livelehoods and small plantations will be swallowed up - literally.

It may already be too late to prevent the big companies from buying up coconut plantations or sowing seeds on new land. Many are already buying tens of thousands of hectares to plant coconuts ready for the fruit to bear in seven years time. It may be too late to check them, but it's not to late to ensure that they behave responsibly.

My campaign is not about stemming the growth, but making the consumer aware that they should only be buying fair trade; that we can apply pressure to the likes of Coca Cola, Pepsi, Vita Coca etc - that they have a duty to behave fairly. A duty to the environment with sustainable production, a duty to the growers and their families with fair payment, and a duty to ensure that a plantation can maintain itself through the natural cycle of the coconut, and not be castrated every forty days just for a drink.

There is also a duty to educate the A-listers who are easily investing their money and promoting the product ignorantly. They, too, are being exploited.

After much thought I chose Wizzley to launch my campaign, because I believe that the people here have the gumption and clout to back it.

Please visit my Wizzley page on Coconut Water and register your feelings.

Many thanks.

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