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Post Your Zazzle Sales

Posts: 439
on 01/25/2013

I just got a zazzle sale apparently frommy Wizzley article on copyright images (it's the only place I show any product with that particular design) and in my excitement (I've only sold 5 products in the year or so I've been zazzling), I thought maybe others might like to also post their sales. I think it is inspiring to see what has been sold and what may have sold from Wizzley:

Also, yesterday, I sold something someone else promoted (have no idea who)

Posts: 621
on 01/25/2013

It seems that someone really likes one of my black and white photographs (Brighton Pier at night) on Zazzle - after buying one image on a postcard about 3 weeks ago they have since bought twice more but these times in quantities of 12 - so that's 25 copies altogether. This was via someone else promoting them - don't know how many items have sold via Wizzley though, as I promote in various places.

Posts: 1086
on 01/25/2013

Congrats on the sales Sheri, and humagaia.  Most of my sales come up as 3rd party and I'm happy to have anyone promote me. 

I am positive that some of my sales come from people who first visit Wizzley first.

Posts: 474
on 01/25/2013

Wait, what about that Botticelli? Isn't it copyright infringement (whoever/whatever museum holds the copyright now)?

P.S. I'll have to read your article. Am doing that right now.

I Zazzle as Mira_2012
Posts: 847
on 01/25/2013

I've had 11 sales since 10/7/12.

Brenda Reeves
Posts: 30
on 01/28/2013

You know your doing something right when people buy from you...  

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