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Prepare To Be Amazed- By Yourself

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on 01/03/2013

Michelle found a great site that seems to use numerology to get to the bottom of your life path- what I found interesting is how accurate it is. it covers the entire life and you can figure out where you are now and were before- the comparisons of before are what really interested me, and how it bled into the future and my ACTUAL goals... it's great fun and may just surprise you- it's free, just plug in a few things and read your life. I'm curious how many others found the information intriguing and accurate to some degree (close to right)... me and Michelle's blew us away. It has the (end result) feel of an eHarmony report without the million questions... Go here to play:

Life Path 


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on 01/04/2013

I just did it and I found it interesting to see the differences between and similarities with my current last name and my birth last name (I changed my name, not by marriage, but by selecting my own last name about 15 years ago).

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