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Promoting Etsy

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on 01/11/2012

Several family members have started to put their things on Etsy. Do any of you do this? Can you link to specific pages there and give those products a boost? Any advice on promoting Etsy - either on Wizzley or my own sites would be appreciated.

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on 01/11/2012

Hi Digby

I don't currently have an Etsy shop but I used to have 2 successful shops there and others on Folksy and Dawanda. The only promotion I needed to do was to post images of my products on flickr to relevant groups - there are tons of etsy groups on flickr and I would say that it is definitely worth checking the popular and relevant ones out.

Perhaps it's harder now with more competition but you can use platforms like Squidoo and Wizzley to promote items too.

If you use flickr, make sure to read the rules because back when I used it you were not allowed to have your www name on your pics or in the description of your pics but just on your profile page. Lots of people had accounts removed for this.

Etsy was very good to me and I think it's a great site to sell crafts.


Posts: 699
on 01/11/2012

Thank you so much for your comments. We're hoping to help the family crafters make some money. This is very encouraging.

on 01/16/2012

Yes, I have two Etsy shops and helped a family member start one this weekend.


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on 02/09/2012

I don't yet have an etsy store, but I look for things to purchase there because I like to support crafters. I think a lot of other people feel that way, too.

Good luck to your family members, Digby. I hope it works out.

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