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Promotion sites

on 06/20/2014

Finally fallen out of love with StumbleUpon as they don't accept Bubblews or Fiverr links any longer, which suggests (oddly) that they're moving towards a policy of not accepting links to any site which raises money for its owner. They also warned me a while ago about not posting too many backlinks to my own work here and elsewhere. So how else am I supposed to publicise it, pray? If I don't get the link out there to start with, no one else is going to post it, are they?!

I can post links to work on Bubblews and fiverr on Twitter and G+. I'm considering giving rebelmouse a try, as they're the third biggest source of the few clicks I'm getting on my work after here and Twitter/

Bearing in mind that I don't get FB and I'm not visual so telling me to use Instagram is like telling a blind person to read, where else could I consider as a good place to post links to and publicity about my work? I don't have a blog any more, as Bubblews is more cost effective from that point of view so it would have to be a commercial site of some kind.


All ideas welcome.


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on 06/21/2014

I never got StumbleUpon. I tried it, but quickly gave up. I wonder whether the Bubblews links are more due to the quality of Bubblews itself? But from what I've heard about SU, they want you to promote other people's work, and then other people are supposed to promote your stuff. It's a great theory, but doesn't really work in practice. The only way I could see that really working is if you had a circle of writer friends who would share each others' works on the site.

As for other sites, I'm not really that sure. I'd suggest FB, but as you say you don't get it. And if you're not visual than Pinterest is also out. What about Tumblr? Would that be an option--it's one that I've never really given much thought on.

The only other thing that I can think of is guest posting on other people's blogs, and then including a backlink to your Wizzley profile or something like that. Sorry I'm not much more help.

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