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Sorry to those that read 'How to invest'

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on 03/13/2012

If anybody read 'How to Invest' they may be perplexed when they see 'Return on Investment....' as it looks almost exactly the same.

I had a problem with Wizzley that you may wish to avoid yourself - or if it happens to you, you may wish to refer here to see how I resolved it.

I created a draft for 'How to Invest'. I did some KWR and decided on a better title, and wanted to split the original into two more manageable articles. So I created the second 'Return on Investment...' articles and copied over the content I wanted in that.

I kept both articles open.

Once completed I published 'Return on Investment.....' but it reverted to 'How to Invest' - very strange. Stranger still was that 'ROI' showed in the drop down list, but when I clicked it I got a landing page for 404.

I have sent a bugette e-mail to development.

In the meantime I got round the issue by back-arrowing to the version of 'ROI' I thought I was publishing. Copied all the content to a word document - not using the 'export as test', as I wanted the formatting. I then deleted 'How to Invest' - sorry again to those 3 that had already read it!

I then created 'ROI' again from the word doc. Put all the Amazon modules and pictures back in. And published. Thankfully this time it published OK.

This is just to let you know there may be a problem if you have two pages open in the way I wrote about above.

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on 03/13/2012

Thanks, Good to know and grateful you've taken this opportunity to teach us, always helping  the community with teachable moments.  We're so lucky to have you.  Looking forward to reading the article, been out of the office today, popping in to check my messages, then I'm off again.   Will read later this evening.

Katie McMurray
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on 03/13/2012

I just heard the following statement:

It's never a good idea to have 2 different pages on the same site open in edit mode. In general, this calls for trouble and is not a Wizzley bug.

Sorry about your difficulties, Chaz.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 03/13/2012

Yes, I shall stop immediately.

Just so easy to do. And thought a workaround would help those that take advantage of the opportunity to do the same as me. 

An aberration that will probably be repeated by myself, and I now have a place to remember what I did to alleviate the problem;).

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