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Thread for Seriously Updated Articles :-)

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on 09/01/2012

Hi there,

I know this has been discussed somewhere, but can't find the thread. The idea was to post a notice when we seriously update an article. I'm on board with that. So I'm creating a thread. :-) Maybe if Chef Keem and the powers that be agree that this is a good idea, they can move this thread elsewhere.
I see many folks are enjoying Labor Day Weekend! Hope you're enjoying yourselves. :-)

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on 09/01/2012

I don't know if it's a good idea--meaning: I don't know if it brings a lot-- but it can't hurt, either.  Smile

You may want to include a brief description of your update, and why you think it is worth revisiting the article.

Achim "Chef Keem" Thiemermann is the co-founder of a pretty cool new platform, yeah -
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on 09/01/2012

When I write an article I'm looking for:

  • Timeless content- never expires, not a trend (at least not just a trend) won't have to update information other than if something i.e. the products or information need a basic update, which I'll do when comments come in about something or new data is available but mainly timeless means I never have to really think about it again

With that, I use automation tools to do the "updating" to my page, such as the comments box. All content is considered actual page content by search engine bots... so write engaging content that provokes discussion.

I use polls to get people to change the content on the page simply by voting-  shows the bots the page is active not stale... interaction detected in comments, rss, vote, debate module, and others.

If you install elements like these on your page, your traffic will engage the site and Google will see it's not stale. Update information as your commenters tell you more you didn't (or your readers didn't) know.

If built solidly and timeless, the only thing you should ever need to change is the ads/modules for monetize depending on how the products evolved if at all. If your information is solid and concise Google will love your page anyway, traffic will show them your page is useful and popular. From there the only thing I'd worry about (other than an occasional update) is off site promotion efforts to drive initial traffic to a page. I think if you just initially bump the page with a few ezinearticles and others pointing back to it, the initial bump could cause others to take over the promotion efforts by telling their friends about your awesome article. The hard part is getting it in the middle of the internet ocean :)


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on 09/03/2012

Hi Chef Keem,

Regarding updated articles, I updated one of mine by

1. updating amounts at ingredients

2. adding step-by-step pictures

Here's the result:

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