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Time management of Hobbies

on 06/26/2011

I have been overhauling my zazzle shop and added  a new one this weekend. 

Some of the  "wizzlers"  here have good advice that I tried to follow.

I find time management a problem some days since i have too mnay hobbies or things on my plate.

Since I like painting, making digital art, graphic design, photogrpahy, writing , and selling online, I just don't want to give anything up.

I may be slipping in the ranks due to time spent on other "loves."

Anyone else in this predictament?.Undecided

Do what makes you happy- I write and create Hubpages
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on 06/26/2011

Sure! But I think that hobbies can feed into my online pursuits. I do a sewing craft, and write about it online. Win - win situation.

AND more importantly, having hobbies that I enjoy bring a sense of vitality and creativity to my life. All work and no play makes Jack (or Jimmie) a dull boy (girl). 

I try to think of my life with the seasons metaphor. There will be seasons of writing, seasons of family time, seasons of crafting, etc. Go with it. Don't fight it.

on 06/26/2011

You are right Jimmie, all work and no play can make one dull.

When I cannot think of somehting to write or feel friustrated thats when I work on artistic pursuits.Smile


Do what makes you happy- I write and create Hubpages
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on 06/27/2011

I'm one of those reneassaince people--yes, they do have a term for it--who enjoys doing many things. However, there is one lesson to be learned. You cannot do everything at the same time. Nor can you master anything by doing everything. You have to prioritize. 

I combine my interests when possible. But when they are as diverse as painting and writing, etc. I have to assess what's more important and why and then carve out the time. The more you try to do, the more you have to manage. If management is an issue right now, then slowing down and focusing on one or two things and then adding slowly may be a better tact. 

I'm also task and goal-oriented but that is not native to me. I have learned to become that way. I use simply time management and productive tools. Making a simple list of 3-5 things to do. Choosing an overall goal or theme for the week and the day is another. Even for 3 months or six months. It helps me focus and devote the attention I need to approach doing something well. 

Knowing what you want, what makes you happy, overall can help you decide which is more important at the moment. Reframing the way you think so that "work" is not drudgery is another. I wanted to create 50 Squidoo lenses and I made it fun. I wanted another 50 and I made it more fun. :) It wasn't work. I was really having a good time writing about things I enjoyed. 

And, like Jimmie, I work my hobbies, passions, pursuits into my writing. Win-wins are always good ways to go. 

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and simplify, especially when you start feeling overwhelmed or think you're plate's contents are piling over. It's not forever. It's just for now. 

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