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Tis The Season Of Awesome Christmas Lights!

Posts: 1210
on 12/12/2012

Ok... I was thinking and I'm not going to write it myself (likely), but have you ever noticed all the amazing videos about Christmas lights and how you could write a wizzle discussing and displaying these while talking about the tradition then sealing the deal with Christmas lights (latest 2012 brilliant lights, ornaments, etc...)....

That said here's a brilliant video of Christmas lights I found a minute ago:

Christmas Spectacle

Seasons Greetings!


Posts: 1210
on 12/13/2012

I love the electric blue (pun?) lights they are amazing  the latest LED technologies are incredibly bright and use a fraction of the electricity... Michelle wants to fancy a tree out of a bunch of cardboard and what not and I want a real tree (can't get the smell from a plastic one!)...I'm thinking about building my year round tree again: Year Round Tree

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