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Transferring articles to Wizzley

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on 10/18/2017

I'm sure I wrote about how to let Google know that one is transferring an article from one place to another, but it was such a long time ago that I cannot remember where I wrote it, and even worse, it's content: an AGE issue methinks!

Can anyone let me know how to do this, other than deleting from site 1 and uploading to Wizzley. The reason for this is that it has become increasingly obvious that articles do much better earnings wise at Wizzley than at Hubpages - from whence the articles will be transferred.

Thanks in advance for any assistance ........

.................and I shall eventually start writing new articles ..........

..... but now in Thailand again for another month .......

this time with my laptop.

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on 10/21/2017

I remember deindexing articles with Google a year or more ago. I think the place for this was located in the area that was called Webmaster tools and now called Search Console.

At that time, the process was to remove the content from Site A, making sure to record the entire URL before you deleted it.

Then you pasted this URL into a spot in Google to tell it to deindex the content, waited a few days to see that they had, and then you could republish on Site B.

That was then....

It seems now the process is just to delete it off Site A and wait a few days. When Google crawls Site A and sees that it's gone, you can then republish.

I have a bundle of content that I need to move as well. I've only removed it, keeping an HTML version to see how I had it.

When I get ready to republish, I'll check again with Google to see what their process is at that time, because I'm sure it could change again.

Hope this helps!


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on 10/22/2017

Yes it does help, thank you. 

I looked for webmaster tools and couldn't  find it . That's what confused me.

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on 10/24/2017

Using Google's URL removal tool is still how I remove mine.  A Google account is required, and the URL looks something like this:

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on 10/26/2017

GOOD to hear from you and looking forward to more content from you.  I still have content there (under pen name)  I should move it but I keep putting it off. HP is such a circus IMHO


Anyway welcome home

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on 10/26/2017

Hi, Katie, good to hear from you. Will be adding content here when I get time. So much going on these days ..... Not enough time in day, sometimes.

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on 10/30/2017

I completely get that, oh if only there were enough hours in everyday to accomplish all the creative ideas and projects. 

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on 11/14/2017

I like both places, HP is doing well too these days. A few months ago I thought of moving over some articles too, but I won't be doing that now. Good luck with your move. 

My suggestions:

- Make sure that there are no duplicate copies of the content online (other than HP). 

- If you find no duplicates, then go ahead and unpublish from HP. I'd just wait for it to get deindexed from Google (which should take a few days). In the mean time you could copy the content and get it Wizzley ready.

- Once you notice that the article is no longer indexed, hit publish on Wizzley. 


You cannot choose to remove an article via webmaster tools (search console) since you do not have admin rights on the HP domain (or any of it's niche sites). So deindexing is not an option. 

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