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Viglink Problem You Need to Be Aware of

Posts: 105
on 11/16/2015

I was on Viglink looking for a merchant that could supply certain items and found a potential merchant.  I clicked on the link to see what was available and a message that my computer was at risk with a phone number and a message to call it.  I know how ransom sites work, so instead I brought my computer down, restarted, and ran my virus scan.  Nothing was wrong.  Ransom sites post such messages, and when you call you are directed to allow them access to your computer, then they maintain control until you pay.  Beware of ransom sites.  I may have encountered one hiding in Viglink and poses as a merchant.  I forgot the site in my haste to bring my computer down to eliminate any possible Trojan   It might have been a site that was hacked and the erchant might not even know.  Just be careful..

Posts: 30
on 11/16/2015

Thanks for the heads up on that!  I hope Viglink addresses the problem.

Posts: 1087
on 11/19/2015

I've had that happen, but not through Viglink.  Thanks for the warning.  That is a little scary when you think that a link is valid but gives you a problem.

Posts: 34
on 11/21/2015

Did you notify Viglink?  They need to take it down.

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