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Was that EDIT there before?

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on 06/04/2013

I noticed this morning that the top right hand menu items (Help, Author Function List and Create a Page) had returned. At the bottom of the Author Function List there is an EDIT section: was that there before?

My memory is failing in old age etc., and I wonder if that section just did not register previously.

Anyway I like that the old look is back, after complaining that I did not like the 'new' (obviously [now] temporary) look.

Posts: 1816
on 06/04/2013

Yep, it's always been there. :)

At least, it has on Firefox.  It's how I get back to my latest articles, if I've paused mid-writing.

Posts: 474
on 06/04/2013

Wait, where's that EDIT again? I have Help, Notifications, Author pull-down menu, and Create a page. There's no edit under the Author pull-down menu. And I'm using Firefox, too.

P.S. Oh, disregard that. I saw it. I seem to have under there the articles I edited last (or something). I have to check.

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on 06/04/2013

It's been there from the beginning, featuring pages we've recently worked on, or unpublished articles. 

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