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What are the percentage numbers telling me?

Posts: 104
on 07/03/2015

I am still in my first month, so I am still learning a few things.  Can anyone tell me what the percent for an article means, and what the author percent means?  I notice my author percent going up, but articles split, some go up and some go down.  Thanks.

Posts: 123
on 07/03/2015

The author score changes according to number of articles that you have here.

The other percentage is how Wizzley ranks an article.

These numbers, mean nothing to me.  I don't drive myself nuts over them.  My money comes from sales and adsense which has nothing to do with these numbers. 


If you also write on Hub Pages, they do the same thing with Hub and Hubber scores.  Personally, I wish the numbers weren't there at all, and the traffic information was more clear and specific.

Linda Smith
Posts: 699
on 07/03/2015

While it's nice to see a 100%, I agree with Linda. My best performing Wizzle is at 18%. I have found that the right niche is the most important thing to be successful here - by that I mean making money. 

Posts: 16
on 07/03/2015

Just curious: do likes and comments have anything to do with the percentage? I wonder because I have articles with comments telling me how fantastic my article is and no likes. I know it's not really important (although it was nice to see that my 1% article went to 11% after a like and a comment). 

Posts: 3100
on 07/03/2015

From our Help (FAQ) pages:

Page rank is a quality symbol for articles that is measured in percent. Outstanding pages are displayed more prominently, which may result in higher traffic numbers.

The Wizzley page rank is calculated from several factors:

1. Likes/thumb-ups 
2. Number of visitors and comments 
3. Content and uniqueness of the article

The author rank is related to the number and quality of articles, as well as the completeness of the profile info.

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