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Why Everyone Should See Bears In The Wild

on 07/21/2013

Hi Everyone!

Still have a pulse, alive and well....truly enjoying our private rv spot this summer in NW Montana. Just checking it to say we are alive and doing well.

My daughter is here for two weeks and yesterday I was driving her to Eureka, MT, to go camping with old friends. On our way, we encountered two fuzzy little black bear cubs (no mama around). We parked on this private, forested road and just watched them.

An 18 year old girl sitting still and not bored? YES!

Seeing the beauty of nature in action (sheilamarie, I know you know what I'm talking about) gives perspective to young or old. In that little chunk of time, while they looked at us and climbed trees, etc....the world just got quiet for a little while and everything was in balance. You aren't worried about anything, sad,'re truly in the moment.

I pass this little moment on not to say "nah-nah-nah" but to ENCOURAGE all of those who are worried, frustrated, facing grief or health issues and so much more to just get out there in nature and LISTEN. It doesn't have to be bear cubs in the wild....but there is a message when you get away from the noise, and a peace inside you can't resist. These pure, natural my humble little opinion, are what living is truly all about.

Going off the grid this week to my dad's, with my daughter, so zero internet....but just popping in to say I'm thinking of you all and hope you're doing ok.

xoxo  Robin and Jim

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on 07/22/2013

I live vicariously through you!  (Interspersed with adventures of my own.)  I do love it when you report back what you see.

Happy traveling. :)

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on 07/22/2013

I certainly know what you are saying Robin.  Special moments of quiet, and awareness of what it's really all about.  Enjoy your family time!

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on 07/22/2013

I understand. I've had those moments watching bear, deer, fox, coyote and moose in NH. And then there's the time a litter of baby skunks surrounded my car (I stopped to watch them) and wanted to play with it....

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on 07/22/2013

I so long to go on a short trip to the mountains, too! I will report back with photos when I do. Do you take any photos out there? If so, I would love to see some, together with some stories ;-)

on 07/22/2013

Have been polar bear watching in Churchill, Manitoba, and yes, I will agree with every word of your post.

You, nature and a bear, no matter the size, how amazing is that?

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on 07/22/2013

Once, in Alaska, I followed a bear mama and her 2 cubs. At about 30 yards distance, the mama stood up, looked back at me, and make it very clear that any more stalking would turn me into their dinner.

Be careful. 2 motherless cubs could mean ...

1. Mom has been killed by hunters (sad for cubs, good for you)

2. Mom is in the powder room and will be back shortly (of no further concern for cubs, very, very bad for you!)

Thanks for your always enchanting check-ins, Robin!

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on 07/23/2013

Good Morning Everyone!

Having some coffee before heading up to dad's - will have to wake my daughter first, which is why I am truly procrastinating!! KNOW what I'm talking about, dontcha?

Thanks for all of the replies....

Mira: Though I don't have the bear pics up, I do put a lot of photos on my rv blog (the link in my forum signature), if you want to see pictures!

Chefkeem: Thanks for the bear warnings....we were safely in the truck but yep, bear awareness and safety are ways of life here in grizzly country. Especially cubs with no mama in site! Hoping mom was watching her babies at a distance and not the other alternative (deceased). These little guys looked a bit young to be going solo.

We're on the "road" this morning, taking a narrow and rocky mountain road that few cars ever travel - it's the shortcut to my dad's, but due to elevation and snow it is only accessible a few months a year. It is my favorite hideaway and is deep in grizzly country (it's where they relocate problem bears). IF I do see a griz, I'll do my best to take a pic and post it when I get home this weekend...but it is rare to see one. They hear the truck and usually stay far away.

My dad and his wife, however, living in this area full time, see many grizzlies. They keep a tally each season!

Signing off....hope you all have a good week and will report if anything exciting should occur during our journey off the grid!

Until then....behave yourselves!

In 2009 we sold everything and hit the road! Follow us on our blog at Cheap RV Living
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