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Will Ebay remain?

Posts: 63
24 days ago

I rarely look in on my Hubpages account anymore, but made an infrequent visit and noticed they lost Ebay at the end of August.  I realize Viglinks is not always going to keep up updaed on changes, and our Ebay is through Viglinks.  I am asking if it is to remain?  I hope it was just a Hubpages problem.  Another good reason to be here.  

Posts: 698
22 days ago

This is so much better than HubPages. We have lots more options for earning and they don't mess with our heads. Ebay is through viglink, so I would think as long as they stay there we'll be fine. Of course, stuff can change here, but it's nothing like what goes on at HP with the constant rewrites and changes.

Posts: 6
19 days ago

HP did away with the whole ebay program. I am working at migrating the Hubs I wrote for auctions items to my Wizzley account.  Slow work for me. 

Posts: 519
2 days ago

Ebay is one of the "restricted" merchants on VigLink, which means they get to pick who they want to affiliate with. Apparently, they (Ebay) recently did an actual audit of every publisher who sends them traffic, and then blacklisted anybody whom they didn't like.

There may not be much rhyme or reason to it, but unfortunately nothing we or VigLink can do about it. It's probably best to find alternative merchants to promote, preferably those who appreciate their affiliates.

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