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Wizzlers Radio Station on Wizzle Connection [an idea]

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on 09/30/2012

I propose a group effort to compile a nice musical list of inspirational tunes.

The rules are simple.

1. The song must have a youtube video with a clear audio track at least

2. Just pick a song that helps you write kick A## wizzles, focus, energized, etc... and find it on Youtube and put the link in here.

I'm going to take all the links and build a page on my wizzleconnection website that will list all of the videos. I will then show people how to download a plugin for google chrome, ff, or if anyones still using i.e.- that... that will allow you to create a playlist of youtube videos- to convert to songs...

I want videos because often music is great but a great video can really drive you nuts inspirationally- so if you can find videos with great songs and great inspirational themes if you can.

An alternative is to have everyone go to find the song, list the link here and I'll create an account there for a wizzler's radio station...

Any thoughts? Wanna play? GO!

If it weren't for powerful music I'd not be as efficient as I am at multitasking!

One of my favorite sound tracks is the 4400 (the old tv show), the songs are truly inspirational :) and the beats you can write to!


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