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Help me, please!

Allposters ka put!???

Posts: 34
on 08/04/2015

It looks like all allposters links are no longer generating income as of July 1st.  Can you remove the way to create the links so that we don't falsely think we are earning commissions?  Also as long as I'm asking a question can you have someone reprogram the zazzle module so it accepts ALL ITEMS from Zazzle - now it only links to a few products.  Thanks!  I belong to Fine Art America and that might be a good alternative affiliate program for art stuff to all posters.  Let us know what to do now.  My links do still go to a product but no commission is coming through.

Posts: 578
on 08/04/2015

The AllPosters module now includes direct Links to the AllPosters website. VigLink is supposedly able to catch these links and monetize them. I didn't look this up. If it's not the case, then AllPosters will simply remain on Wizzley as an image resource.

Posts: 123
on 08/08/2015

It appears that they have moved to Commission Junction.

Linda Smith
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