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Help me, please!

Amazon Assoc problem

Posts: 57
on 05/23/2016

I noticed I wasn't getting any Amazon money for a while and then found my account had been suspended. I queried and was told it was because I did not fill something in when asked to, though I don't remember being asked.

I was told they could not reinstate my account:

They said: "Unfortunately, we are unable to reinstate your Associates account (ID: wizzley0b1-20). You'll need to re-apply for a new account in order to participate in the Associates Program. To join again with the same e-mail address, sign out of your current closed account, and then click the "Join now for free" button to submit a new application. Keep in mind your original Associates ID is no longer active. If you have links on your website, you'll want to update them to use your new Associates ID when you submit your application. As outlined in our recent notification, all qualifying advertising fees earned prior to the date your account was closed will be processed and paid in full in accordance with our regular advertising fee schedule."

So if I do that, do I have to make a change to all my existing articles or can I update them all at once? If so, how do I do that?


Steve Rogerson
Posts: 490
on 05/23/2016

Hi Steve,

You may have possibly missed the "invitation" from Amazon to fill out the so-called COPPA declaration. Some other authors have reported similar action further down in this thread here:

Whatever the case may be, since your Amazon ID gets inserted dynamically whenever your article loads (during your impression share) you don't need to worry about editing all your articles. Just fill in the new Amazon ID in your dashboard and you should be good to go.

Good luck!

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