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Help me, please!

Amazon Reports/Clicks

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on 06/20/2011

Hi guys,

Just have a question.

When I check my Amazon Assoc. Reports for my squidoo tracking ID, I see clicks *with items ordered* from the previous day and also product clicks *with no orders*.

For my Wizzley ID, I'm seeing a few clicks, but there's no list for what was clicked on. I'd like to be able to know what was clicked on at Wizzley too and I'm not sure why nothing is listed there.

Do clicks report differently from Wizzley? I see the tracking ID's are at the end of the url vs. when I build my own links at Amazon they are in the middle of the url.

Is anyone else getting a list of what's clicked on at Amazon?

I can add screen shots if I'm not explaining it well enough.

on 06/21/2011

Paige, did you set them both up the same?  I have all of my amazon under one account and then used the astores to create different tracking ids.  But I have no idea how to see what has been clicked on, or even if it tells me.  I am off to explore that would be really useful information to have. 

~ Pukeko Also sharing the world at Albom Adventures
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