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Help me, please!

Author Ranking??

Posts: 5
on 04/30/2015

Hello friendly writers!


So I noticed that my author ranking is at 0% even though I have written two articles and have my Wizzography posted. Can you please tell me what my ranking means and how I can improve it?



With love, Alisha Lutz
Posts: 118
on 05/01/2015

While I am not fully au fait with the details of author ranking, you must realize that you are new and therefore it will take a bit of time, but if you persist it will rise.

Posts: 144
on 05/01/2015

Hi, and welcome!

Author's ranking is made of several factors: your engagement in community, traffic to your articles, engagements of readers of your articles, etc. It took me about ten articles to get 100%, but I was very active in those days.

While it may be flattering to one's ego, this number has nothing to do with your ability for earning. But the number of your articles, quality of them, topics you are writing about, etc. do. So my advice would be to focus on creating content. Numbers on your profile will follow.

We love fairy tales!
Posts: 123
on 05/02/2015

The author rank varies as well.  It not only goes up, but it also goes down.  Frankly, I wish these sites didn't have these ranking numbers.  They mean nothing to Google, have nothing to do with earnings.  They only drive members nuts and cause some to simply get fed up and move their content. 

Linda Smith
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